Mission Statement

The Toronto Trans Alliance aims to act as an umbrella organization representing a wide spectrum of trans people in the Greater Toronto Area, offering social events for members and participating in social justice campaigns centred on issues affecting trans people.



First and foremost to provide a welcoming social group for all members of the trans community.  This could be as simple as conversation over coffee, or perhaps larger events at a bar or restaurant.

Second to act as a focal point for organizing campaigns for social justice issues relating to trans people.  This may include for example petitioning municipal, provincial or federal levels of government for policy changes, or raising awareness of issues affecting our community.  It also includes forging relationships with other organizations working with the trans community (Sherbourne Health, The 519, Rainbow Health Alliance, PFLAG, MCC etc.) in order to advance our common aims.

Third to act as a truly representative and accountable organization allowing the community to interface with other organizations such as Pride Toronto, preventing community interests from being erased when participating in larger LGBT groupings.

The Toronto Trans Alliance stands for peaceful, non-confrontational and non-violent conduct, both within the organization and in our external relationships.

Bringing Communities Together