Ballot Question on Trans Memorial Location

The following question is being posted as a poll in our Facebook Group and on paper at our Drop Box locations.

Do you agree that we should move forwards with discussions on a permanent Trans Memorial in Allen Gardens as part of the upcoming renovations programme at that park?

It seems that it may be possible to establish a Trans Memorial in Allen Gardens by TDOR 2015, whereas a Memorial in any other location may take many years.  Additionally, Allen Gardens has been a traditional ending location for the Trans March, and has sufficient space to allow TDOR ceremonies to be conducted around the Memorial.  Allen Gardens was the location of the first candlelight vigil in 1997 for two murdered trans women.  Since there is an existing plan to renovate Allen Gardens, it is likely that public money can be used to build and maintain the Trans Memorial, whereas in another location we would most likely have to raise a significant amount (hundreds of thousands of dollars.)  Bearing these facts in mind, the Steering Committee recommends that planning for a Trans Memorial in Allen Gardens should move forward.

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[  ] Yes, move forward with discussions on a Memorial in Allen Gardens

[  ] No, Allen Gardens is not a suitable location for the Memorial

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