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The Bible is very much clear in addressing the sin of sodomy, which, I believe, no Spirit-led Bible-believing Christian will argue against; but the issue now is: is anal sex sin if it is had in marriage between a husband man and his wife woman? Anal sex is a man putting his penis into the anus. It is taking anus for vagina. This is sodomy!
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Islamic views on anal sex

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What does the Bible say about anal sex in marriage? | NeverThirsty

San Francisco, however, was not the originator of the pervasive homosexual culture. Instead, they follow in the footsteps of an ancient city. One that became so far synonymous with homosexual sex that the perversion is named, to this day, after the city. That city, of course, is Sodom.
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Is Anal Sex Sin In Marriage?

What is the Bible's view of anal sex generally? Is it alright to engage in it in marriage? Is there scriptural basis to reject anal sex? The Bible does not say anything about anal sex between and husband and wife in marriage.
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Anal sex or sodomy is anal intercourse between individuals. It is forbidden in Sunni Islam and by most Shia scholars. The basic text of Islam is the Quran , believed by Muslims to represent the direct revelation of God to the prophet Muhammad. In terms of direct references in several places in the Qur'an, anal intercourse is identified with liwat , the "sin of Lot's people".
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