Consensus-Based Decision Making

The rules state “The Alliance exists to further the interests of the trans community based on consensus.” 

The following nine step consensus-based decision making approach will be applied:

  1. Members propose ideas and optionally a suggested solution or action.
  2. Proposed ideas and solutions are summarized and announced prior to a general meeting.
  3. Discussion of ideas.
  4. Identify emerging proposal.
  5. Identify any unsatisfied concerns.
  6. Collaboratively modify the proposal.
  7. Assess the degree of support.
  8. Finalize the decision or return to step 5.
  9. Continue to work with members who have objections to the position adopted so that they are not disempowered.

Decision-Making Rule

Obtaining unanimity in a large group of diverse individuals is extremely hard, so a super-majority of 65% will be used as the decision threshold.

Basics of Consensus Decision-Making (from

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