External Meetings

Trans Memorial Meeting at Toronto City Hall

On Wednesday September 24, 2014 the Toronto Trans Alliance Steering Committee had a meeting with Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, together with representatives from Sherbourne Health Centre and the 519 Community Centre to initiate a discussion about establishing a permanent Trans Memorial in the City of Toronto.

At this meeting, Kristyn Wong-Tam informed us that Toronto City Council has a major project underway to refurbish Allen Gardens. This project will include the construction of new buildings in the park and it is possible that the proposed Trans Memorial could be incorporated into these plans.  This is very exciting because it means that there is a possibility that the Memorial could be constructed before Trans Day of Remembrance 2015.  There is also a possibility of the City contributing funding under the existing tender which would relieve the community of the need to raise several hundred thousand dollars.

While Barbara Hall Park is also a possibility the timeframe here would be much longer because the refurbishment work in the park has just been completed for World Pride 2014, and there is no further work planned at this time.  This means that a new tender would be required to build the Trans Memorial in Barbara Hall Park, which would take many years and would probably have to be privately funded.

The Toronto Trans Alliance remains committed to consulting with its diverse membership to find the best solution for the community.

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