General Meeting August 13, 2014 – Announcement & Agenda

We are pleased to announce the first General Meeting of the Toronto Trans Alliance will be held at the Margaret Laurence Room, Ryerson University Student Centre, 55 Gould Street on Saturday September 13 at 5pm.  This meeting is open to any interested member of the trans community (including allies and partners.)

There are three items to be discussed:

  • Preliminary planning for the Trans Day of Remembrance (TDOR).  There is to be a flag-raising at Toronto City Hall to mark the TDOR on November 20.  What flag should be raised (there are several different trans flags)?  What form should the ceremony take?  Who should speak to represent the trans community?  Should there be a moment of silence?  Should there be music, and if so, what music?  There are many other things to be discussed.
  • Initial discussion of the permanent Trans Memorial.  The main question to be addressed in this initial session is whether the memorial should be established in Barbara Hall Park (on Church St, north of Wellesley) or some other location?  If there is sufficient time we may begin to explore what form the memorial may take and how names should be proposed for inclusion on the memorial.
  • Review of the proposed consensus-making decision process that the TTA intends to use.  The proposed process is based on best practices from a number of texts suggested by members and was posted to the group on July 31 for discussion.

At this first meeting there is a lot to discuss so there is not really room for any other items of discussion.  However this is the first of a number of planned meetings to discuss these issues, so we hope to be able to hear from all voices at one of these sessions.

In order to reach out to members of the trans community who are not online or who are not Facebook users, we are planning on posting flyers at a number of locations including the 519, Sherbourne Health Centre, Maggie’s, shelters and drop-in centres.  Drop-boxes allowing individuals to make representations regarding TDOR or the memorial plans will be placed at several locations including the 519, Sherbourne and Maggie’s.  We will keep you posted on our progress as we move forward with this.

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