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The V and W class was an amalgam of six similar classes of destroyer built for the Royal Navy under the War Emergency Programme during the First World War and generally treated as one class. For their time they were among the most powerful and advanced ships of their type in the world, and set the trend for future British designs. They arrived in time to see service in the First World War. During the interwar period these ships formed the backbone of the Royal Navy's destroyer flotillas until gradually replaced by new construction; by the mids most had been displaced to the reserve fleet.
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Mid-Ocean Escort Force - Wikipedia

Follow us on Twitter uboatnet. She was lost on 20 Feb Original design; 4 4" guns 4x1 2 2pdr AA 2x1 6 21" torpedo tubes 2x3 Fast escort; 4 4" AA guns 2x2 8. During the early part of the war these ships served on fleet duties as well as convoy escort. As the war progressed their fleet duties were taken over by new, more modern destroyers and they were only used as convoy escorts. The aftermost gun was landed to allow more depth charges to be fitted and an 3" AA gun replaced the after bank of torpedo tubes to increase the anti-aircraft armament. These ships were known as the short range escorts.
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Mid-Ocean Escort Force

The allocation of United States, British, and Canadian escorts to these convoys reflected preferences of the United States upon their declaration of war, and the organisation persisted through the winter of —43 despite withdrawal of United States ships from the escort groups. On the basis of experience during World War I , the Admiralty instituted trade convoys in United Kingdom coastal waters from September Early German Type II submarines from bases in Germany were unable to operate effectively beyond European coastal waters.
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