Meeting Rules

Suggesting Topics for Discussion at a General Meeting

Members may suggest topics for discussion at a General Meeting at any time.  Suggestions may be made through:

Suggested topics will be published to the TTA Facebook group to gauge community input and support.

Scheduling of General Meetings

General meetings will be scheduled when input or decisions are needed to enable continued progress on a current TTA project, when then are a suitable number of topic requests, or when urgent topics arise.  General meetings will be announced at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled date whenever possible (urgent topics may require shorter lead time).

The proposed agenda will also be announced at least two weeks prior to the scheduled date, but may be announced after the meeting announcement.

If there are more suggested topics than can practically be discussed at the meeting, then the agenda will be set by the Steering Committee based on project/event deadlines and on input received from the members.  If some topics can not be contained for the meeting, the Steering Committee will attempt to schedule a second meeting ASAP

Proposals for the scheduled topic can be submitted via any of the above mechanisms.  Offline and e-mail submissions must made at least three days before the meeting.  Any proposal submitted offline or via e-mail will be published to the TTA Facebook group two days before the meeting.

Offline comments on agenda topics must also be received three days before the meeting to guarantee they will published before or at the meeting

Meeting Logistics

  • In order to ensure all scheduled topics are discussed, the Steering Committee may assign a fixed amount of time for discussion of specific topics.
  • Meeting quorum: in order to record decisions, a General Meeting must be attended by at least three members of the Steering Committee and twice as many general members as the number of Steering Committee members present.
  • Minutes will be taken for all General Meetings, and will be published to the TTA website within a week of the meeting.

Bringing Communities Together