Membership Rules

There are two types of members – General Members and Active Members.

Membership of the Toronto Trans Alliance is open to anyone who identifies as trans, is an ally or a partner of a trans person and who has any connection to Toronto / GTA area.  This will include any such person within Canada and also those from outside of Canada who have any connection with Toronto (for example visiting on occasion.)

The Alliance will maintain a closed Facebook Group (“Toronto Trans Alliance”) for members.  Any individual wishing to join must simply apply for membership of this Facebook Group.  A member of the Membership / Steering Committee will review the application and determine whether the individual meets the requirements for membership discussed above.  Once admitted to the Facebook Group, the individual is considered a General Member of the Alliance.

Social events and meetings hosted by the Alliance will be advertised via the Facebook Group, and all General Members will be eligible to attend.  It is anticipated that many members may remain as General Members, either just using the Facebook Group to connect with other trans people in the Toronto area and / or occasionally attending events.

For the Alliance to be effective in organizing social justice campaigns, it is important that we establish a group of Active Members who are able to attend meetings and participate in consensus decision-making.

Any General Member within the Greater Toronto Area may decide to join any Special Interest Group or Task Group by simply contacting one of the Co-Chairs of the Group.  By joining a Group, a General Member will automatically become an Active Member and will then be eligible to take part in consensus decision-making within the Special Interest Group / Task Group and also at General Meetings of the Alliance.

Bringing Communities Together