Minutes – Steering Committee Meeting July 18, 2014

    • Create TTS Committee page on FB for formal announcements to the group,  rather than using our personal accounts.
    • Modify the Mission Statement making clear that the TTA represents those members of the trans community who choose to be members, rather than the entire trans community.
    • Discuss the possibility of obtaining a meeting room at Ryerson with our contacts there, preferably free of charge.
    • Initiate the search for volunteer ASL interpreters.  Since we have no budget, volunteers who are willing to interpret for no charge would be best.
    • Initiate design of revised TTA logo incorporating trans flag and non-binary flag  for discussion in the group.
    • Design a poster to publicise TTA to potential members who may not have access to Internet.
    • Post details of the Hanlan’s Point beach event this Thursday to the FB group so interested members may attend.  There are also some other events and picnics already planned which we may publicise in the group, if their organizers agree.
    • Send details of Xpressions events that may be open to TTA members, which we can publicise in the FB group.

Bringing Communities Together