Basic Principles & Rules for Membership

All members must read and agree to the following rules, which are intended to ensure that the Alliance is a safe place, where all are respected.

Article 1) The Alliance is for all those who identify as trans, partners of trans people and community allies.  The trans spectrum includes (but is not limited to) individuals identified as male-to-female, female-to-male, non-binary, two spirited, genderqueer, androgenous, crossdresser, drag queen, drag king, pre-op, post-op, and no-op.  Allies may be admitted as members, but should understand that the Alliance exists to further the interests of the trans community, and they should be respectful of trans voices and not seek to dominate any discussion.

Article 2) The Alliance is inclusive of all those specified in Article 1, and will not tolerate the formation of hierarchies, word policing or any other type of discrimination.  We are anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic and anti-heterophobic.  This means that discrimination based on factors such as transition status (part-time, full-time, pre-op, post-op, no-op etc.), appearance, age, ability, occupation (sex work is a valid occupation), sexual orientation or lifestyle is not tolerated.

Article 3) Any member may self-identify with whatever words they chose and shall not be discriminated against on this basis.  Others should always be addressed using labels and pronouns that the individual is comfortable with.

Article 4) Trans Alliance meetings and events must be a safe space for all members.  Any member who violates or is perceived to violate this safe environment is subject to possible exclusion from the Alliance.  Inappropriate behaviour includes violations of Article 2 or Article 3.  Violent or angry outbursts directed at other members, whether occurring within or outside of an Alliance meeting or event, are also considered inappropriate behaviour.  No member shall violate the Trans Alliance principles of peaceful, non-confrontational and non-violent conduct.

Article 5) The Alliance exists to further the interests of the trans community, based on consensus.  The Membership and Steering Committee exists to adjudicate over issues relating to membership (which may not be handled in an open meeting) and to manage some aspects of the day-to-day running of the Alliance.  Other decision-making will take place by consensus in open meetings of Alliance members or by means of Special Interest Groups and Task Groups.  Special Interest Groups may be formed to address issues of interest to sub-groups (male-to-female, female-to-male, non-binary etc.) and Task Groups may be formed to address individual issues (political campaigns, protests etc.)

Article 6) Additional principles may be added if there is broad consensus amongst the membership for such a change and the proposed principle is not in conflict with those outlined here.  A two-thirds majority vote of all Active Members present at an Alliance meeting will be required to add new principles.


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