Summary – General Meeting September 13, 2014

Transgender Day of Remembrance

There was a lot of discussion of which of the two trans flags (International five-stripe or Ontario / Canadian two stripe plus symbol) flags should be raised at Toronto City Hall on November 20. Opinion was split almost exactly 50 / 50 on which one to select, which mirrors the results of the poll in the Facebook group. Further discussion is required to reach consensus on which flag to raise. One comment which seemed to capture the mood in the room was that that the fact a flag will be raised at City Hall on TDOR is much more important than the choice of flag. There was interest in designing a new flag which would better represent the entire spectrum of trans community, including non-binary identities. While the international five-stripe flag is used in many different countries, many felt that it was not immediately obvious to members of the public what the flag represents. The Ontario / Canadian flag is clearer in its meaning but was felt to exclude non-binary individuals.

There was an initial discussion on the form the ceremony would take, and who would be suitable candidates as speakers. A number of names were mentioned and these will be put forward to continue the discussion in the Facebook group.

Trans Memorial

The various locations that have been proposed for the trans memorial, including Barbara Hall Park, City Hall and Allen Gardens, were discussed. There was a consensus amongst those present that Barbara Hall Park was the best option, and there was no-one present for whom this was unacceptable. Once again this mirrors the results of the Facebook Poll previously held.

There was an initial exploration of some of the other issues related to the memorial, including the form of the memorial, how it should be designed, how names will be proposed and accepted. These issues are expected to come into better focus after the initial meeting with Toronto City Hall, during which the TTA SC will find out the City’s position with regard to funding and administration of the memorial and will report back to the membership.

Consensus-Based Decision Making Process

The proposed consensus-based decision making process previously posted in the Facebook Group was presented and discussed. The consensus at the meeting was that this is a sound way to proceed.

Next Actions

  • Further discussion on choice of flag for TDOR
  • Initiate discussion on TDOR ceremony and selection of speakers
  • SC to determine the City’s position on funding for the memorial and report to membership


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