Where Should a Permanent Trans Memorial Be Established?

Option 1) Allen Gardens

Allen Gardens

Advantages of Allen Gardens:

  • Allen Gardens is undergoing extensive renovation in 2015, which includes new buildings (including gender neutral washrooms).
  • One of the tenders for this work is still open and the Trans Memorial construction may be inserted into this tender.
  • Possibility to construct the monument in 2015, perhaps in time for TDOR next year!
  • Possibility that the construction could be funded with public money.
  • Proximity to Sherbourne Health Centre and Native Women’s Resource Centre.
  • World-renowned architects Baird, Simpson & Neuert are available.
  • End-point of many previous (and future) Trans Marches.
  • Location of first Trans Day of Remembrance ceremony in Toronto in the late ’90s.
  • Memorial is fits well with the theme of “Peace and Reconciliation” for the refurbished park.
  • Allen Gardens is a large space, so perhaps TDOR celebrations could be held there once the Memorial is established.

Disadvantages of Allen Gardens:

  • When we previously asked the community which location was preferred (before all the pros and cons of the different sites were known) the overwhelming choice was Barbara Hall Park.

Option 2) Barbara Hall Park

Barbara Hall Park

Advantages of Barbara Hall Park:

  • This is the location of the existing AIDS Memorial and the temporary Trans Memorial (chalked on a wall).
  • Community previously expressed a preference for this location (before all the pros and cons of the different sites were known.)
  • Proximity to 519 Community Centre.
  • Barbara Hall (ex-mayor of Toronto) is supportive of having the Memorial in the park which is named for her.

Drawbacks of Barbara Hall Park:

  • The City of Toronto has just completed a major renovation of Barbara Hall Park for World Pride 2014 and no further work is scheduled at this time.
  • A new tender would have to be created for the construction of the Memorial and this will be very time consuming.
  • Most likely there will be no public money for the construction so it must be funded from private donations.
  • It may take five to ten years to establish a Memorial in Barbara Hall Park.

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